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Fat Freezing training course (Cryolipoloysis) to teach students how to safely and effectively apply fat-freezing technology to reduce fat deposits in their clients. Fat-freezing training courses provide practitioners with an innovative technique to expand their business and offer their clients the latest treatments that are in demand. Through a comprehensive, hands-on approach, course participants learn the principles of cryolipoloysis and how to perform the treatment in a professional and safe setting. Upon completion of the beauty course, students will have the clinical knowledge and confidence to deliver superior results for their clients. 

Price: £299
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What Students Get:

Students get access to the following fat freezing training course features:

  • Live Model
  • Training Manual
  • Supply and Vendor List
  • Insurance Information
  • Consent & Measuring Forms
  • CPD Certificate

Fat Freezing Training Topics:

Topics covered in the fat freezing body sculpting training course include:

  • Introduction to cryolipoloysis
  • Understanding the technology and legalities of cryolipoloysis
  • Anatomy of the body and the effect of cryolipoloysis on healthy tissue
  • Pre-treatment preparation and client consultation
  • Cryolipoloysis safety guidelines and protocols
  • Aftercare and Post-treatment follow-up procedures

Student Reviews

Laura Demetriades is kind, and super friendly, she made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Laura is very passionate about her work and she's knowledgeable.

Hawa Yattara

Body Contour Student

Thanks to Snatched Training Academy, I am very confident and hoping to launch my business soon.

Jada Dowe

Body Contour Student

Brilliant training for body contouring. No question went unanswered and I feel very confident in carrying out this treatment in my clinic. Thank you so much. Would definitely recommend! X

Sabrina Damiano

Body Contour Student

CPD Accredited

Snatched Training Academy is a 5 Star rated, member of the CPD Centre of Excellence. All ratings are based on genuine student reviews. Our beauty courses are CPD Accredited meaning that you can obtain business insurance upon course completion. 

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